101 Credit is here to provide exceptional support for all your loan needs while you are in Singapore.

Although we are open to providing financial assistance, be sure to explore your options before moving on. Money can cause people to become exceedingly emotional, and hence irrational. When it comes to money making, dabbling in the wrong alternatives may end up dealing much more permanent and long term damage to your economical status. Be it when all else fails, or when faced with an unexpected emergency, you can count on us to furnish you with an alternative; a Singapore personal loan that may not be reachable elsewhere.

We offer amazing service every time we handle your loan.

We treat our clients with utmost seriousness. You can depend on us to provide you with flexible payment conditions and special support.

We are specialists that will offer all the guidance that you may need to get financing. We deal with each case based on individual needs and services provided are specially tailored to fulfill your personal needs as far as possible. You assure you that all your personal details will be kept strictly confidential. Before we proceed, it is also important to understand the difference between secured and unsecured loans.

Be sure to inform us of what you’re searching for so that we may offer you with various choices that suit your needs. Loans applied may be used for various personal purposes, from rental loans to automobile loans. We also provide business and foreigner loans. More information on the various loans can be accessed across the site. Alternatively, you may reach us at our hotline or drop by our main office to clarify any queries you may have.

Whenever you are prepared, 101 Credit will be here to service your needs. For information on requirements to be eligible for a loan with us, and process of application, visit us at How To Apply page.

Do look through our FAQ page for any common queries that may have been answered. For any queries that cannot be found on that page, contact us immediately and we will be pleased to offer our assistance.